How To Market Online With A Small Budget

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If you think starting a business on a shoestring budget is difficult – then you should start mind mapping with how you can market online with a small budget. Marketing your startup is a crucial task especially when the budget is tight. In fact, there are several ways of marketing a startup, but unfortunately, the majority of marketing campaigns need a larger amount of funds.

You may in fact heard stories on marketing a startup without spending a dime but factually speaking, this isn’t easy. Publicity stunts, promotions, advertising campaigns need thick financing, but if done wisely, they are less likely to be fuelled up with liters of money.

Knowing the hassle of marketing in a limited budget, here are actionable tips on how to market online with a small budget:

  • Create engaging and persuasive content. It’s really important to make people read about your product. It’s even more important to make people aware about your niche especially when content is known as the king of online marketing. Content marketing is perfect to spread awareness about your product through publishing articles on several available websites like LinkedIn, Medium, etc. These publishing platforms are a great source of marketing your product with least bucks involved. This marketing strategy always proves to be fruitful as it brings your product and startup in the limelight.
  • Promote your brand on YouTube. YouTube is the largest online video platform to promote your products. You may upload videos about your startup journey or give your audience an insight of your upcoming products. Videos are destined to reach more audience as they are less time taking and easy to understand. You can always promote your brand on Youtube and guess what? It doesn’t need a dime to be spent. All it takes is a smart branding strategy and creativity to make your brand presence on YouTube.
  • Allocate giveaways to top influencers of your industry. Giving complimentary gifts or freebies to top influencers and advertisers is a great way to create rapport and promote your products and services. It’s always good to compliment the industry influencers and to give away some of your products means a lot of engagement. These influencers will be tweeting and commenting about your product that’s all that you want as a marketer. Moreover, these giveaways will bring some unbiased product reviews so that you can genuinely spot all the pros and cons of your product.
  • Use indirect marketing via social media. People are less likely to buy a product that is directly pitched to them. The modern marketing strategy always contains an approach of indirect marketing. Social media platforms are a great opportunity for indirect marketing for those who want to grab it. For example, Facebook has different groups, discussion threads, and pages where people discuss dos and don’ts of the successful startups. Twitter has the power to attract users with a single tweet, and Quora has become the Google for askers. All of these social media platforms can be used to increase the engagement of your product by discussing, answering, tweeting and backlinking your opinions to your product.

Engaging your target audience is easy with a bit of creativity and collaborative prowess. Marketing isn’t always about spending big bucks to gain attention as sometimes, small gestures and intelligent use of social media bring in more organic engagement than paid ones.